How to create a profitable Gong Sound Bath Business in person and online, fitting it around your lifestyle, without having to give up your day job until you are ready


⍜ How to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of this fast emerging profitable Sound Healing Market. 

⍜ How to create your own profitable Gong Sound Bath Business and fill your Gong Baths in person and online. This is not just a program to teach you how to play The Gong.

⍜ Learn how to get the best out of playing this powerful instrument and serve those who need it in more than ever. Stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, physical tension and weak immune systems are massively on the rise.

⍜ There are millions of yoga teachers, but hardly any Gong Practitioners out there. This is a differentiatior which could suit you and your lifestyle. You dont need to be young, super flexible or able to stand on your head. There are tons of people in your local area who are looking for Sound Healers.

⍜ Or if you are a yoga teacher or healer already, this is a fresh and profitable modality that can be integrated in to your practice to scale up your offering, make you good money and transform you in the process.

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